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Do you want to lose weight or build muscle mass? Or maybe you want to introduce healthy habits without sacrificing your social life? We will show you how to live your life to the fullest and achieve your goals.
The training program and diet will be tailored to you individually.

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Fitness rulesCheck your BMR, BMI, RMR, and calculate the required calorie intake for reduction with use of the calculator

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Exercise atlas Full HDWatch good quality videos showing the appropriate execution of exercises.

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blogStay in the loop, here you’ll find valuable advice, articles on training, diet, supplementation and many others.

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Online Q&A Video with answers to your questions

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Best training methodsGet a training method that’s appropriate for you

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Diet recipes Take care of your diet, check balanced meals. Eat healthy and tasty.

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Tomasz Giza World Champion in silhouette sports, Master of Physical Education, Accredited Reps personal trainer. I will help you achieve your dream silhouette and lose weight.


Online diet is aimed at anyone who wants to take care of their health, improve their mood and figure. Online consultation is about health and lifestyle is a nutrition plan individually made for you. Cooperation with me is not only online diet and online training. In the offer you will also find personal training in which we meet 1 on 1 and train together. Group training is also possible by prior arrangement. You will also find with me healthy diet recipes that are available for free.

Personal trainer for the elderly

If you are an elderly person or have such people in your family then know that physical activity should be taken care of at any age. Proper exercise, and increased movement in old age has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and general well-being. Lack of activity is synonymous with a decline in overall fitness. You will also find training for seniors of all ages - I am a master's degree in physical education with a specialty in posture correction, so if you are a senior and want to do something for yourself then take care of your health.

Online workout that will help you take care of a better figure.

If you want to take care of your health, you don't need to be convinced how important the right workout is to improve your figure, and your well-being. If you are wondering how to choose the right exercises for you, you can use a service such as online training. It is a well-chosen exercise plan, designed for you. A very good combination of appropriate exercises to which you receive a video in which shows you how to properly perform a particular exercise.

Personal trainer with access to your home

If you like to waste your time, and you want to take care of your health, we can arrange to train at your home. Training at home is a great alternative to the gym. A very big advantage of this option is to save time, stay comfortable, no queues for equipment. What does it look like ? We will start by analyzing your current lifestyle, together we will develop your training goal and during training at your home we will start to implement it together.

Diet recipes, you can also benefit from free tips, learn how to eat tasty and healthy. You can find all the diet recipes on my blog.

Personal trainer for Kids

If you want to take care of the proper development and health of your child, a great solution will be properly targeted physical activity at an early age. Children are just shaping their figure, spending more and more time in front of the TV or the phone, which negatively affects the proper development and causes defects in posture. Personal trainer for children will help you choose the right exercises for the proper development of your child - my name is Tomasz Giza I have a master's degree in physical education with a specialization in corrective gymnastics and I know very well what exercises will be appropriate for young people who are just developing.

Personal trainer Bydgoszcz

If you live in Bydgoszcz or the surrounding area and want to take care of yourself and take care of your health and your figure, then a personal trainer will be a great solution and will show you how to start exercising, so that training at the gym will bring you the best results. Take advantage of the opportunity to train with me and you will see how quickly you can get satisfactory results.

Personal trainer and nutritionist

If you want to take care of your figure and health, the best solution will be a combination of proper exercises, and individually selected menu. Want a good combination of exercise and healthy eating? Take advantage of my 12 years of knowledge of healthy eating and training to achieve the results you dream of and take care of your health. Tomasz Giza - trainer and nutritionist with experience.

Customer opinions
Tomek Giza could be described as a “fitness one-man orchestra” and, most of all, my fitness maestro. Our cooperation started from specifying my needs, checking my athleticism, diagnosis of the figure and writing down the target...
I sincerely recommend training with Tomek. He has a professional approach to the client, has the ability to listen which allows to adjust the training to the client's physical abilities...
I started working with Tom over a year ago and I intend to continue. Two years ago, I decided to take part in bodybuilding competitions and Tomek helps me with the preparations...
Cooperation with Tomek is beneficial and I recommend it! Very good and frequent contact, which I consider to be a rarity among current coaches and which is a very important aspect when it comes to cooperation...
Full professionalism. I have never used a personal trainer before. I thought that by exercising alone, I would achieve similar results.
A very professional approach which personally I adore. The exemplary atmosphere, so no wonder that after completing one training session you want another if someone cares about the perfect coaching service, professionalism and a lifestyle change, then I invite you to Tomek...
I started working with Tomek at the end of 2017. We began with laboratory tests, defining training goals, diagnosis of the figure and assessing my fitness. Once Tomek completed his analysis, we set training goals and methodology for achieving them...
Tomek is a professional, honest and extremely helpful person. Most of all, he loves what he does, which is why he is extremely committed to his work...

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